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Epic Core Minecraft Chat Plugin

Plugin Pal

Plugin Pal is a AI platform to help you build your dream Minecraft plugin. Ask questions and get help in real time, 24/7

Create Custom GUIs

Build beautiful GUIs for your Minecraft server. Create unlimited GUIs, use permissions, fully customizable!

Vote Sleep Minecraft Plugin

Wireless Sleeping

Allow players to skip the night by voting with /sleep. Optionally require a player to have a inventory item to be able to vote.

Bring Back Weather

Miss having normal weather cycles on your Minecraft server? Now you can bring them back! Plus you can skip the weather by voting with /rain.

Epic Core Minecraft Chat Plugin

Signal Discord Bot

Generate memes, remix your friend’s avatars, host help tickets, and 80+ other commands with this self hosted Discord bot.

Epic Core Minecraft Chat Plugin

Ultimate Chat Plugin

Give your players non-P2W perks to decorate their chat. Includes BungeeCord and Velocity support.

Minigame Maker

Create your own mind blowing minigames in Minecraft. Plugin is meant for experienced server owners & developers that wish to get creative.

Outpost SMP

Build and play in my private survival community. As a bonus you can test some plugins, like Epic Core, on The Outpost.

Vote Sleep Minecraft Plugin


(Parody, SFW) Weekly live streams of hot Phantom action, daily photos, and private Phantom snapchat 😳

Adult Villager Finder

(Parody, SFW) Find local hot Villagers near you.

New Haven

Beautiful, large, starter town. PVP Arena, Mob Arena, Castle, Town Square, Town Market

Genesis Island

Beautiful Island, PVP Arena, Shops, Homes, with a lot to explore.

Game Lobby

Arcade Inspired Build to parkour, explore, and have fun in!

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Verify Bot

Node.js bot for Spigot plugin sellers to easily allow members to verify their purchase.


Chrome extension written by Chat GPT and Github Copilot.

Discord v12 meme bot with image generation and fun commands.

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